about Vivos

Vivos is creating real log homes for, and with our clients. Using high quality materials, that is spruce timber from Siberia,  for some years already, Vivos is building primary residences, cabins, guesthouses, as well as, always gaining popularity, finnish hot tubs in Poland, and all over the Europe.

The buildings are made according to the traditional technology, using round logs of 16 to 32 cm in diameter, depending on the purpose – you can find more information about technology in Did you know? section.

Throughout the whole process, from acquiring raw material, working the timber, preservation, and all the other steps, Vivos relies on proven methods and high quality wood art, which enable us to give you a safe and lasting house.

Log houses made by Vivos are an ideal combination of traditional, raw material and traditional log home construction building techniques with modern carpentry and wood preservation technologies, which render wood weatherproof, and immune to biological threats such as mould, fungus, or insects. Our cadre of engineers, as well as logistic background is always at your disposal. Also, we will gladly provide you with advice concerning all necessary documents and licences. We invite you to visit the houses of our previous clients, they will be glad to show you their homes and share their observations with the future owners of a wooden house.

Due to synergic cooperation of the above mentioned elements, the effect – ably constructed house, makes a great and functional place to live, a place of repose and cosiness. For it is not only a high quality material and newest technology that Vivos offers you; what is the most important thing is your sense of well-being.