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Think about how do you spend your time, what do you do, and what is your favourite place? Are the meals at your home an occasion to spend some time with your family? Maybe your house is in constant rush? Comings and goings, little meetings assembling many friends? Answering these questions will help you create the image of your home, responding to all the needs of the inhabitants.

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domy z bali - Vivos Think about the longevity of your house. It is supposed to be a shelter for your family, withstand the tests of the weather. It should last for lifetimes. Solid log homes were built for centuries, and they last centuries. Many guesthouses in Podhale, very old log houses, are in surprisingly good shape. 


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domy z bali - Vivos Think about the surroundings which enable you to rest in the best kind of way. It is not without a reason that those who work hard prefer to relax beyond the borders of a noisy town, on the nurturing womb of nature. Traditional wood houses look the best in the so called dispersed development, in the suburbs, surrounded by nature. It’s an ideal place for a rustic house, imitating traditional, village hut. Such houses own a charming and pleasant climate, bring back memories of childhood, make you feel at peace even after a very long, exhausting day.